About Game Theory & Language

I started this blog to inform more people about the emerging new language in video game theory.  As a video game scholar and an avid gamer, I have gladly examined gaming from two different worlds and I love sharing what I have learned with all those willing to listen/read.

I started VGTL because I wanted to write about gaming in a way that would add something meaningful to the existing body of knowledge.  However I don’t want to write academic papers disguised as blogs.  If that were the case, I could just write the papers and submit them for publication.

No, this blog falls somewhere in-between formal papers with literature reviews, methodology, whatever, and casual blogging.  I’m not sure what genre that would fall into but from what I’ve read there is a gap that needs to be bridged between the gaming public and the academy.  My hope is that both sides (and those who do not have a “side” and read, enjoy, and perhaps even learn from what I write here.

There is no regular schedule for blogging.  Right now I am the only writer and I know writing about anything meaningful takes time, which I currently have but will not have in the fall.  So I will post when I can.  Comments are always welcome.

Update: I write about controversial topics.  You will find blogs on race, gender, and religion.  I try not to shy away from hard topics.  And since this is a blog, you will find the language more personal than in my other academic work.

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